Waste Treatment

Chemogas is a licensed Belgian waste treatment company. The company is also a registered waste collector in the different Belgian regions:

  • Flemish Region (OVAM) registration no. "664"
  • Wallonia Region (DGRNE) registration nl. "OWD/CHEMOGAVG1/13/5033/C/DD
  • Brussels Region (BIM) registration number "DD/321"

Chemogas is member of the Belgian gases associations "Essenscia" and "Febem".

We like to draw your attention also to the following topics, which Chemogas nv could be at your service for:

  • Chemogas may take in and accept orders for all types of gases, "from A-Z" (except bio-, nuclear- or war fare waste)
  • We offer on-site inspections and inventories of (waste)-installations, followed by technical advice reporting
  • Our company can help with international cross-border-administration as support to our valued customers
  • We offer laboratory services for waste measurements (on demand)

Chemogas operates own waste treatment facilities on our site in Grimbergen, Belgium (only 35 km from international port of Antwerp), such as:

  • thermal incineration / thermal oxidation installation (TOI)
  • wet acid - single and multi - stages scrubbing facilities (some 20 scrubbers operational)
  • bulk-up facilities (means filling from small to big facilities)
  • mixing facilities - if so desired and technically supported
  • controlled release facilities
  • regeneration of off-spec-products (on demand)

We can offer you cylinder- and container retesting services for used gas packaging (re-approval) within our own on-site retesting workshop, at competitive prices (no extra transport costs for the customer)

The company operates mobile waste containers services, i.e. picking up waste on site of our customers, based on:

  • cylinders (small and bigger ones, up to 127 ltr. water content - with mobile weighing units (available for rent)
  • ton containers (from 300 - 1.000 ltr. water content - with mobile weighing units (available for rent)
  • semi-bulk-containers and isotank-containers (from 1.000 ltr.to 20.000 ltr. water content)
  • isotank ("big" bulk)-containers (from 20.000 lr., 20', 30' and 40'-containers)
  • Chemogas can offer you mobile emergency containers for leaking cylinders (standard cylinders up to 50 ltr.)

Chemogas is pleased to offer you:

  • the on demand design, production and installation of wet acid scrubbers and emergency scrubbers for placement on customer's site
  • ... and related "mobile cap(s)", for connection to a local wet acid scrubber, to cope with emergency situations on customer's site (preventive measurements)
  • for leaking packages up to 1.000 ltr. water content (via mobile cap)
  • ... and related training for your staff (safe use of scrubbers, cylinders, containers, how to handle emergency situations)

Our organization developed and offers "emergency gas cylinder and container caps", to cover emergendy situations of leaking cylinders and containers (officially approved tool by Belgian official body of "Apragaz")

A pressure device to open cylinders with blocked valves (by a Nitrogen very high pressure bullet firing system) is in service as well.

Chemogas offers scrap services to dispose cylinders under legally controlled conditions.