Gas Recycling & Disposal

Handling waste gases and chemicals is a job for real specialists. We at Chemogas offer you that service. Chemogas inventories and evaluates risks, packages and transports your hazardous waste in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations. Chemogas is authorised and certified to store this hazardous waste, bulk it up, recycle and dispose it.

Gases and chemicals can be inert but also flammable, toxic, corrosive, reactive or show combinations of these characteristics. In most cases they are packed and stored in especially designed and approved low and high pressure cylinders, containers and drums.

But what do you do when the vendor does not take them back anymore? Or the vendor is unknown? When the approval is expired? When very old cylinders are found on your property and nobody knows where they came from or what it inside? When cylinders are found during excavations? When cylinders contain unidentified products or when cylinders are found from illegal dumpings? Or the contents is unknown?

Chemogas can take over this problem for you. We have many years of experience and have the capabilities to solve your problem in a correct, safe and legal manner.

We waste product handling starts from the idea to reuse or recycle as much as possible, burden the environment as less as possible, comply with all legislation and service you as our customer to the best. The content of the cylinders or drums is being disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner, where the cylinders and drums are being reused as much as possible. All gases and chemicals are treated chemically/physically with respect for the environment.

We have proven during many years that we work according to the stringent and constant changing governmental regulations. For you as a customer this means not only safe disposal of your waste products but also adherence to the ever changing and strict local, national and European regulations.


Regriferant Gas Recycling

Refrigerant gases, are often known under their brand names such as Freon, Arcton or Solkane, the so-called "R"gases. Well-known gases are R22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R507. Also Ammonia is commonly used in refrigerant applications. These liquefied gases are mostly used as medium in all sorts' refrigerant applications, such as cooling-and/or freezing installations varying from airco´s in cars to large cooling and freezing cells in major freezing houses, installation, transport cooling, and supermarkets. After a certain period of time the performance of these refrigerant gases decreases and the must be exchanged.


The "old" and/or polluted refrigerant gases can be collected by us for recycling/regeneration or, if they cannot be recycled anymore, to be disposed off. Chemogas can supply you with different sizes of pressure cylinders or containers (12 to 900 liters) for the collection of these gases from your installation. We can also offer you a complete package with pumps and hoses!

According to the EC Regulation 2037/2000 subject green house gases it is forbidden to use virgin HCFC's as of januari 1st 2010. Only the usage of recycled/regenerated HCFC's is still allowed until the end of 2014. Most commonly used products here are R22 and R134a.

Chemogas is one of the very few companies that collects these gases and recycles/regenerates these with her own installations. End-users find their way to Chemogas directly or via the known national and international gas companies, but also via local depots.

The recycled/regenerated refrigerant gases are being extensively analyzed after finalization of the regeneration process. Only after final approval of these findings the products are being released for returnal to our customers. Each returnal is accompanied by detailed information subject the recipients numbers, filling weights, batchnumbers, analytical data and is fully traceable.

For Ammonia we have identical possibilities, with the exception of recycling. For economical reasons Ammonia is only being disposed off.