Gas Scrubbing Technology

Although the scrubbers can be adapted to handle different products, the main use - in line with the supply of Ethylene Oxide by Chemogas N.V. - is the emission control of the rest gases of ethylene oxide once the sterilisation cycle has been performed.

As main scrubbing principle the PACKED TOWER PRINCIPLE (see photo) is used.
This setup is used for most applications. It can handle strong fluctuations in vent flows as well of Ethylene Oxide concentrations.

Please note that scrubbing of different chemical gasses, such as ammonia NH3 or hydrogen chloride HCl or methylamines (mono-, di-, tri- ) and much more is possible.
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Scrubbing is necessary for avoiding pollution. Efficiencies with ethylene oxide scrubbing up to 99,99% are easely obtained.

Ethylene oxide's acute effects upon exposure range from slight eye and nose irritation, to lung congestion, headache, nausea, central nervous depression and fatal pulmonary oedema. It's a chemical gas that might cause cancer and heritable genetic damage.