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Chemogas provides Total Waste Treatment & related Services for chemical gases to the entire gas industry - within Europe, and even further. From small lecture bottles, cylinders, up to containers with unknown content and/or blocked valves, leaking packaging or other problems  - our team of experts is pleased to support you  and welcomes your inquiries.

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Handling waste gases and chemicals is a job for real specialists. Chemogas inventories and evaluates risks, packages and transports your hazardous waste in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations.

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Chemogas specialises in chemical gases and services, and has a leading position in the field of filling, blending, trading and distribution.


Chemogas NV, Belgium expands its international Waste Treatment and Recovery Services


We like to draw your attention also to the following topics, which Chemogas nv could be at your service for:

  • Chemogas may take in and accept orders for all types of gases, "from A-Z" (except bio-, nuclear- or war fare waste)
  • We offer on-site inspections and inventories of (waste)-installations, followed by technical advice reporting
  • Our company can help with international cross-border-administration as support to our valued customers
  • We offer laboratory services for waste measurements (on demand)

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Chemogas provides a Total Care program for your business

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